Green Island,The evergreen journey of Taiwan

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Green Island,The evergreen journey of Taiwan

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Last week I have been to Green Island on the east coast of Taiwan.Thanks to invitation from Tourism Bureau of Taiwan.It's my great pleasure to join this trip together with Yorko Summer - Keep Diving Keep Breathing , Tim Ho , Jerome Kim , 周杞楠 (Nan Wang) & 步谊(Bubu).We have a great week in Green island and thanks for warm welcome from all Taiwanese trip during our journey.

It's my first time in Taiwan and I've heard about Green island so many years ago.Finally I've got a chance to dive in here.Just only 4 days diving and we experienced the very clear and warm water of summer in Green island that make every dive is pleasant dive.Some divesite that quite unique here like

-Big Mushroom,The 1,200 years old of gian Porites Coral head 11m. long and 31 m. circumference.One of the biggest coral head I ever see.

-Artificial Reefs by Iron,Very friendly Batfish and you can wander into the grid structure that cover with Soft coral ,Seafan and school of Goatfish.

-The Church,The massive underwater canyon that have such an amaizng dramatic lighting show.

-Skyline,Beautiful seamount with nice Swimthrough and beautiful Seafan decorating with tons of orange Anthias.

-Angel Wall,Great divesite for macro dive.Lots of Pontohi and Severn's Pygmy seahorse.I never thouunght that it's common to see this species of Pygmy seahorse in Taiwan's sea.Normally I could find it in Raja Ampat,Indonesia.

-We've got a chance to see very special Coleman's Pygmy seahorse.I've heard about this before about they found this species in here but I thought maybe people confused with Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse.When they show me Coleman's Pygmy seahorse,I can see that this pygmy really different from Pontohi's Pygmy Seahorse.The guide told me you can find 4 kinds of Pygmy seahorse here.

Lots of interesting nudibranch in night dive here.Too bad that we have just a short time to explore here.I hope this video that I captured from 4 days of diving here can show you the beauty of Green island,Taiwan.

Above the surface,Green island is a lovely small island.In summer,The weather is so nice here and we can ride the scooter around this island in one hour or so.I can feel a great hospitality of people here.Taiwanwse are very kind and lovely people.Thanks to all the staffs that taking care of me so good.Taking me around the island to film this beautiful island and we're glad that we can share our work to local communities and media to inspired people to keep developing tourism in this island.I wish you have a chance to visit and dive in Green island ,Taiwan.

Know before you go Green island;

-Recommended time ;May - September.Summer time is so nice here.

-How to get there ; From Taipei you can fly or catch the train to Taitung city.Then take a Ferry to Green island is just 50 mins.

-Water temp in Summer ; 28-30 C with superb vis 30-40m +

-more info here

Enjoyed the video and feel free to share it to the world.

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