2018 Year of Bay Tourism

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2018 Year of Bay Tourism

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—As winter is on it's way out, have you been thinking about where to go when the weather turns warm? If you haven't, you should. If you have, be sure to include Taiwan’s offshore islands in your plan, especially for this year, when the country’s tourism authority is targeting at stimulating tourism on the offshore islands.    

To make the most of the rich tourism resources on Taiwan’s offshore islands, Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau has designated 2018 as the “Year of Bay Tourism” and selected 10 charming offshore islands on which to focus its promotional effort.

The 10 offshore islands are: Turtle Island, Green Island, Orchid Island, Xiaoliuqiu, Qimei Island, Yuwongdao (Xiyu), Jibei Island, Lieyu Island, Beigan Island and Dongju Island, according to the agency.  

At a press conference to launch the campaign on Wednesday morning in Taipei, Taiwan’s tourism goodwill ambassador OhBear and the event hostess revealed the iconic attractions on each of the selected islands during a lighthearted Q&A session.

Tourism Bureau director general Joe Chou (周永暉) said at the press conference that Taiwan is an island country, but never before has the country systematically promoted tourism on its offshore islands with government involvement at the national level until now. Under the “Year of Bay Tourism” campaign, the central and local governments have collaborated with local industry operators, such as travel agencies and hotels, and worked out activities with strong local oceanic appeals.      

The activities are not limited to the offshore islands, but are spilled over to cities off which the islands are located, so the economy of the coastal cities will also be benefited, Chou said, adding that more than 20 year-round activities have been planned out and the number will keep rising.  

The press conference also revealed the “Year of Bay Tourism” logo.

The Tourism Bureau added that if you wish to know what places on the 10 islands are the top Facebook check-in locations, what local delicacies on the islands you would regret for not eating, what activities you should not miss out on, and what new special preferential packages are being offered, please visit the OhBear FB fan club (Chinese) and the Taiwan tourism information website (Chinese).


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