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Advanced Macro Techniques

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This article was very detailed and yet novice friendly when helping to understand more advanced underwater photography techniques.

Only wish I had a better camera to make the most of this. Who knows, maybe soon, maybe sooooon!!!

Advanced Macro Techniques Macro-Underwater-Photography-Advanced-Techniques

Macro Underwater Photography – Advanced Techniques
11, Feb, 2013
by Tasha

Tips, tricks and photographic techniques from Liquid Lense's underwater digital imaging specialists, to help you improve your underwater Macro images.

Macro photography works particularly well underwater, not only because the ocean is filled with fascinating small marine creatures, but also because it is less dependent than other types of underwater photography on the conditions. However good the visibility may appear, the ocean is full of particles that potentially create noise, haze, fuzz or backscatter in your shot, so positioning your lens as close as you can to your subject will help to produce the very best images. Bad visibility rarely affects close-up photographs, as there is significantly less water in the frame. One of the fundamental rules of underwater photography is to get as close as possible to your subject, or, more importantly, to have as little water as possible between your camera lens and your subject.

more here.... LINK

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