Diving Green Island the last week of September!

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Diving Green Island the last week of September!

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Hey folks!

So my wife and I are headed to Green Island in a few weeks - and we've not made any reservations for equipment or a place to stay.

We've got a fairly variable schedule - we're planning on going for about 4 days or so, and looking to dive maybe 6 times or so. We're from North Shore Oahu, so we're both strong divers - I've got about 100 dives under my belt, and my wife has around 60.

We're interested in doing whatever is best in Green Island, and we'd love to hear anyone's recommendations - Who to dive with, where to stay, what to eat, and where to dive.

We've heard quite a few strong opinions about the place - so I'd love to hear from some experienced folks!


Nice post bro.

Welcome to the forum.

I used to live on Oahu as well. I went to Kalaheo High School in Kailua and Kaiser High School in Hawaii Kai.

Have you seen the announcement for the dive in September. It's the first weekend. I'm trying to arrange with my work so that I might join the group. You and your wife would be welcome to join us.

If you cant make that date, I'll have a guy get in touch with you. He can set up good arrangements for both of you. He is also a native speaker of English so that is always helpful.

I'll have him reply to your post.

Thanks for registering!! Very Happy


3 Diving on Green Island on Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:43 pm

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson
Dive Instructor
Dive Instructor

I am Joe's friend on Green Island. We have a dive centre here called Safety Stop. Diving here is really good. Great visibility, warm water, awesome coral and many species of fish as an example there are 144 species of wrasses here. The diving can range from pretty easy to quite challenging. We offer both shore and boat diving. I can give you more advice on diving here just send me an email and I can give you details at craig@safetystopdiver.com


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